Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congratulations To All University and College Graduates

Well, folks! One of my 'children' has gone and done it! She graduated University of Guelph. Got her Honours Degree in Science -- Earth Sciences to be exact. Loaded my small family in the car early this morning to get to the ceremony on time and headed out.

We had great seats. The Piper led the faculty in, followed by the graduates of that particular day/time slot. The first thing noticed was, "where are all the guys"? Not many in this time slot. Parents all around us and it was a shame that we were only allowed 3 guests. Some families brought more, of course.

The Chancellor of UofG is Pamela Wallen. What a wonderful speaker. She spoke from the heart. Her words tore at my heart-strings. The grads were infatuated with her words. Her welcome was short, too short.

As the grads started to line up to get their papers and congratulations, we parents jumped up for the photo ops. There were so many smiles. These young adults worked so hard for four years for this special moment. I remember my hand shaking at times when I was signing checks or transferring money for those "ask-cidentals". And today, I found out that it was all worth it.

These young people are the future. They are the ones that are willing to take chances. They are the ones that will be heads of companies and leaders of the world. As I look at them, I wonder - when did they grow up.

I remember my daughter finishing elementary school. Then four years of secondary just flew by. It was like yesterday when I dropped her off for first year university. The dorm room was 'cozy'. She had the basic necessities. She needed no more. She would tell me about the Friday nite movie nights - she was the only one in her quad with a small tv. Someone would bring the popcorn. Someone would bring the 'refreshments'. What a great group of co-ed roomies she had. And today, she walked down the aisle in her black robe and gold hood.

So, CONGRATULATIONS, to all who have passed through the hallowed halls of their post-secondary institutions. May I wish all of you the strength to face what is yet to come! Know that you have the support of your families to continue your journey. You can depend on the friendships that you have developed in these few short years.

Betty Bart
Fine Homes in Nine Oh Five
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